3 Ways To Make Your Company Environmentally Friendly


Being environmentally friendly is not just limited to what decisions you make at home. It can also extend to the office.  You and your staff can make a positive impact on the environment with simple changes. Conserve on Paper Usage Paper is one of the resources that is significantly wasted in offices. To help eliminate paper waste, there are several things you and your staff can do. For instance, instead of printing out manuals and other memos, go digital.

15 December 2015

3 Reasons You Need Your Business's Carpets Cleaned


When you own a business and see customers on-site, you go through a lot of foot traffic with your carpeting. Having your carpets professionally cleaned helps renew their luster and give their fibers the lush, shining appeal you want. You know that professionally cleaning your carpets can make them more attractive, but there are other benefits you can take advantage of as well. Here are 3 reasons you need to have your business's carpets cleaned often.

14 December 2015

Five Myths About Maid Services That You Should Ignore


Housework can be sheer drudgery for most people, even those who live alone. Not many want to spend their precious free time vacuuming and dusting. Once you add a few children and a family pet, housework can become a time-consuming chore and a definite point of stress. Like many, you may have considered taking some of the burden off yourself and hiring some professional cleaning help, but were deterred by the five myths below.

3 December 2015

Navajo Rug Care Tips


Navajo rugs are a beautiful souvenir from the southwest United States, whether you opt to use them as rugs or display them as hangings. Like any fine textile, these rugs require proper care to avoid damage and to become the heirlooms they are made to be. The following tips can help you keep your rugs in good repair. Tip #1: It's All About Location Generally, Navajo rugs are displayed rather than used as rugs.

27 November 2015

3 Ways To Help New Moms (Without Babysitting)


If there is a new mom in your life, you would probably love to do anything that you can to help her out. Sure, onesies make great gifts at the baby shower, but your loved one can probably use support in other ways now that the baby is born. These are a few helpful things that you can do to help out a new mom -- without signing up to babysit.

7 November 2015

How To Clean Your Grout


Over time the grout between your tile can get awfully dirty. Even the most dutiful cleaner can have stained grout in their home. Whether your stained grout is in your kitchen, bathroom, or foyer, you can clean the grout to make it look like new again. See below for several ways to get your grout clean and free of stains. Bleach Gel/Pen Look for bleach gel or a bleach pen at your local store.

5 November 2015

Thinking About Replacing Your Vacuum Cleaner? 2 Things You Should Check For First


Few things are more frustrating than a vacuum cleaner that refuses to cooperate. You might find yourself going over the same sections of carpeting time after time, or trying to figure out why your once-pristine vacuum loses suction so quickly. However, before you toss that vacuum and replace it with a newer version, you should check for these two things first: 1: A Wrapped Beater Bar That rotating brush at the front of your vacuum cleaner might leave behind attractive vacuum marks on your carpet, but believe it or not, it serves a more important purpose.

4 November 2015

The Four Main Methods Of Carpet Cleaning


Carpet cleaning can be a difficult process, as stains and debris can become embedded in the fibers of your carpet. There are four main methods of cleaning carpets, each of which uses a different process to accomplish the same goal. Understanding the differences between these four main techniques can help you choose the one that best fits your carpet cleaning needs. Wet Cleaning Wet cleaning, also called steam cleaning, is the most common method of carpet cleaning.

3 November 2015

How To Keep Light Colored Carpet Looking Good


If you have light colored carpet, then you want to take extra steps to ensure it stays clean and looking good. This can be a hard job considering light carpet will show a lot more dirt than darker carpet and stains will stand out. The advice in this article will help you to keep your light carpet looking great for a longer period of time. Wear socks or slippers around the house

29 October 2015

Protecting Carpeting From Multiple Pets


If you have multiple pets in your home, you might be ready to throw in the towel when it comes to protecting your carpets. If you can follow a few strategic precautions, your carpets will have a better chance of standing up to pet damages and odors in the long run. Here are four tips to help protect your carpets from pet damage. 1. Designate an Entryway for Pets If your dogs and cats are in the habit of roaming in and out of any entrance in your home, carpeted entryways aren't going to stand a chance.

29 October 2015