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3 Ways To Help New Moms (Without Babysitting)


If there is a new mom in your life, you would probably love to do anything that you can to help her out. Sure, onesies make great gifts at the baby shower, but your loved one can probably use support in other ways now that the baby is born. These are a few helpful things that you can do to help out a new mom -- without signing up to babysit. 

1. Hire a House Cleaning Service

Cleaning house is never fun, but it becomes a lot less fun when you're running around with no sleep and have a baby to take care of. However, this is the time when new moms want their homes to be as clean as possible, since they usually want to keep the home germ-free and are probably taking in more house guests than usual. You can volunteer your time to do a little bit of cleaning, but an even better idea is to hire a house cleaning service. You could even sign up for the house cleaning service to come out once a week for a few months, until the new mom is able to get a little more rest.

2. Help With Meals

The new mom needs to be eating well right now, but cooking can be exhausting and difficult with a newborn in the house. There are a few ways that you can help with meals -- you can offer to do the grocery shopping, you can provide gift cards for a local take-out or delivery restaurant or you can prepare a few freezer-friendly meals and stash them in the new mom's freezer. Regardless, she is sure to appreciate the gesture and the ability to eat good meals without having to prepare them.

3. Plan a Spa Day

If you're able to secure someone to watch the baby -- such as the other parent, the grandparents or a paid babysitter who has experience with infants -- it can be nice to take the new mom out for a spa day. She's sure to love being able to pamper herself and being able to get away from the wonderful yet tiring responsibility of taking care of a newborn for a little while.

There are lots of ways that you can help out a new mom without volunteering to babysit. Try one of these ideas -- or all three -- and the new mom in your life is sure to appreciate it.


7 November 2015