Love The Holidays But Dislike Cleaning Afterward? Get House Cleaning Services Instead


Setting up decorations in your home is something to enjoy as a homeowner, but it often happens once and then you just make small changes through the years. One situation in which many households make drastic changes to the decorations in their home is during the holiday season for Christmas. It is possible to call it finished once you put up a few light strands and get a Christmas tree. But you can also spend several days putting up an enormous collection of holiday decorations to truly get in the spirit.

29 November 2016

How To Remove Stains And Odors From Carpeting Using Household Products


No matter what kind of carpeting you have, and no matter whether you have kids and pets or not, your flooring is bound to get stained at some point. Everything from walking to eating on the carpeting can cause stains and odors to form in the fibers. Some types of carpeting, such as durable Berber, are more stain-resistant than others, but they'll still need to be deep-cleaned and deodorized several times a year.

28 September 2016

Rehab Your Faded Deck Before You List Your Vacation House For Sale


If you're prepping your vacation house for sale, then it's important that you make sure the deck is in good shape. People who are looking at a vacation house will be turned off by a faded, splinter-filled deck. They want a nice deck that they can sit out on and relax, eat breakfast and dinner, and also entertain on. They don't want an ugly deck that will be an embarrassment if they want to invite friends over.

16 September 2016

No More Stains! 2 Simple Ways To Keep Common Carpet Stains Away


Whether your carpet is brand new or you've had it for a few years, you want to keep it looking clean. If you've got kids, they're going to make their share of messes on the carpet. To keep your carpet looking its best, you'll need to clean up after those messes as quickly as possible. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to beat spills. Here are some quick tips that will help you clean up the messes before they have a chance to stain you carpeting.

8 August 2016

3 Tips For Keeping Your Office Bathroom Clean In Between Janitorial Visits


The last thing that you or anyone else who works in your office probably wants to do is clean the office bathroom. Using an office cleaning service can be a good way to avoid this while ensuring that the bathroom is cleaned thoroughly, but the office bathroom can become a mess in between janitorial visits if you aren't careful. Luckily, following these tips can make it easier for you and your employees to keep your office bathroom nice and clean.

28 July 2016

Addressing Three Questions Concerning Chimney Cleaning


There are few things that can make a home more enjoyable than a warm and charming fireplace. However, your chimney will require regular maintenance to ensure that you can safely start a fire in the hearth. Sadly, if you have only recently purchased your first home with a fireplace, you might not be completely sure about maintaining this part of the house. To this end, having the chimney regularly cleaned can dramatically lower the chances that problems arise, but if you have only recently purchased a home with a fireplace, you might benefit from learning the following three answers to chimney cleaning questions.

18 February 2016

Two Tips To Help You Clean Your Carpet with Natural Solutions


If you have carpet in your home, one of your top priorities is likely keeping it clean.  Not only is dirty carpet unsightly, it can be somewhat hazardous, since the dust, pet dander and other invisible debris in your home can very easily nestle into the carpet fibers and make the air in your home less than safe to breathe.  It is possible to clean your carpet using more natural methods.

1 January 2016