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Addressing Three Questions Concerning Chimney Cleaning


There are few things that can make a home more enjoyable than a warm and charming fireplace. However, your chimney will require regular maintenance to ensure that you can safely start a fire in the hearth. Sadly, if you have only recently purchased your first home with a fireplace, you might not be completely sure about maintaining this part of the house. To this end, having the chimney regularly cleaned can dramatically lower the chances that problems arise, but if you have only recently purchased a home with a fireplace, you might benefit from learning the following three answers to chimney cleaning questions.

What Happens If A Chimney Is Not Regularly Cleaned?

Unfortunately, it is fairly common for homeowners to neglect having their fireplaces cleaned. When a fireplace is not regularly cleaned, ash and soot can start to gather on its interior. Eventually, the problem will restrict the flow of air through the chimney, which can cause dangerous fumes to start to accumulate in the home. Due to this threat, homeowners should make sure to have their chimneys cleaned at least once a year.

What Is Done During A Chimney Cleaning?

During a chimney cleaning, a contractor (like those at Flue Doctor Chimney Service and other locations) will use a brush with a long handle to remove any soot or ash that may have started to gather on the interior. When this step is done, they will also likely wash the interior of the chimney with a pressure washer to help remove any materials that may have been missed. Lastly, a detailed visual inspection is done to determine if any structural issues with the chimney are starting to develop.

Does It Matter When You Have The Chimney Cleaned?

While a yearly chimney cleaning is advised for homeowners, you may be unsure of when is the best time to have this work done. To help minimize the risks of encountering problems with using the chimney, you should consider having this work done in the late summer months. By scheduling a cleaning during this time, you can ensure that there will be time to have any serious problems with the chimney repaired before the start of the coldest part of the year.

Keeping your home's chimney in good condition is a prerequisite to safely using your fireplace. However, there are many new homeowners that are not particularly well-informed about the importance of having the chimney professionally cleaned. After you have learned these three questions and their answers, you should find yourself in a much better position to keep your chimney clear and in good condition.


18 February 2016