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3 Tips For Keeping Your Office Bathroom Clean In Between Janitorial Visits


The last thing that you or anyone else who works in your office probably wants to do is clean the office bathroom. Using an office cleaning service can be a good way to avoid this while ensuring that the bathroom is cleaned thoroughly, but the office bathroom can become a mess in between janitorial visits if you aren't careful. Luckily, following these tips can make it easier for you and your employees to keep your office bathroom nice and clean.

1. Skip the Paper Towels

Paper towels can cause a big mess in the bathroom. It's easy for them to fill up the trash can and find their way on the floor, and they can clog the toilets and sinks if used incorrectly. Consider installing hand dryers instead. Then, along with cutting down on the mess, you can help eliminate waste and save money rather than having to purchase disposable paper towels.

2. Make Sure There Are Enough Garbage Cans

Even if you don't use paper towels in your office bathroom, it's still a good idea to offer garbage cans for people's personal trash. If there are not enough trash cans in the bathroom, there is a chance that employees could wind up tossing items in the toilet or on the floor when they shouldn't, so make sure there are ample garbage cans; for example, you may want to have one in the sink area and smaller cans in the stalls, if there are multiple stalls. Make sure that the trash cans are large enough to accommodate the garbage that might accumulate in between janitorial visits so that neither you or employees have to change the garbage bags.

3. Restrict Unnecessary Access

To cut down on unnecessary visits to the restroom -- which can add up to additional garbage and a bigger mess -- and to hold employees accountable for any messes that they might make in the restroom, it's a good idea to somewhat restrict access rather than leaving the bathroom unlocked and open all day long. Keeping the bathroom locked and keeping the key in a certain area of the office can be sufficient for restricting access while still ensuring that employees can get to the restroom when they need to.

As you can see, there are a few things that you can do to keep your office bathroom clean in between janitorial visits. Follow these tips, and you can cut down on the mess that you and the office employees have to worry about cleaning up.

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28 July 2016