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3 Reasons You Need Your Business's Carpets Cleaned


When you own a business and see customers on-site, you go through a lot of foot traffic with your carpeting. Having your carpets professionally cleaned helps renew their luster and give their fibers the lush, shining appeal you want. You know that professionally cleaning your carpets can make them more attractive, but there are other benefits you can take advantage of as well. Here are 3 reasons you need to have your business's carpets cleaned often.

Germ and virus reduction

Germs and bacteria can live in your carpeting for many months. Since you and your employees are in your building every day, common colds and flu viruses (among others) can be reintroduced to your staff via your carpeting, which can make everyone sick. During heavy cold and flu seasons have your carpeting professionally cleaned once a month to help prevent the viruses and bacteria that can make people sick from thriving in your carpets.

Better productivity

Studies have shown that employees who work in a clean environment that is fresh and inviting are more productive while they are on the clock. The reason for this is they are motivated to do well because the atmosphere they are in exudes confidence, cleanliness, and an invitation to do well. Cleaning your carpets tells your employees that you care about the environment they work in, and thus care about them, which can make them happier and far more productive at work than if you ignore your carpeting or clean it less frequently. As a general rule, you should have your carpets cleaned a few times a year.

Longer-lasting carpet

With all the traffic your carpets see, you will replace your commercial carpeting often. To lengthen the time between replacement and save your business money on upgrades, carpeting cleaning is very beneficial. Carpet cleaning gets out the grime and debris that your commercial vacuum leaves behind, opening up the carpet fibers to their original luster. Most commercial carpet cleaning companies use hot water extraction methods to gently lift stains and debris while protecting the synthetic fibers in your carpet. With proper care, you can make your carpets last much longer than they would otherwise.

Not only do you want your business's carpets to look amazing, you want them to last a long time and give off a healthy, clean appeal. You can accomplish this by having them professionally cleaned a few times a year. Speak with a cleaning specialist to see how often you should have your carpets cleaned to make your workplace a healthier, more attractive space to be in.


14 December 2015