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Protecting Carpeting From Multiple Pets


If you have multiple pets in your home, you might be ready to throw in the towel when it comes to protecting your carpets. If you can follow a few strategic precautions, your carpets will have a better chance of standing up to pet damages and odors in the long run. Here are four tips to help protect your carpets from pet damage.

1. Designate an Entryway for Pets

If your dogs and cats are in the habit of roaming in and out of any entrance in your home, carpeted entryways aren't going to stand a chance. If pets are tracking in dirt and mud, this needs to be caught over hardwood or linoleum first, especially in winter months. Training your pets to come to one entrance can give you time to do a quick wipe down before pets move on to other areas of the home.

2. Enzyme-Based Cleaners

If your pets have an accident on your carpets, you shouldn't clean it with your general carpet cleaning solution. If you can use enzyme-based cleaners, these will take out stains but will also combat lingering odors from pet accidents. If you have professional carpet cleaners come in for a larger job, let them know you have pets and point out problem areas so that they can be strategic with their cleaning and products used.

3. Keep up on Grooming

If you have a really shaggy dog or a long-haired cat, they will track in more dirt and dust and will shed more. These particles can get into your carpeting and cause damage to the pile even when dry. If you can make regular brushing and clipping a part of your pet's routine, they won't shed as much on carpets leading to damage.

4. Protecting High-Traffic Areas

If there are major walkways in your home that both pets and people use, throw down some area rugs that can take the brunt of the damage. This will keep your carpets below free from dirt and less prone to flattening over time. Keeping up on basic carpet protections is key, especially areas that are used more than others. Weekly vacuuming will keep particles and dander from settling into your carpets.

Getting everyone in your family on board when it comes to carpets and pets coexisting is important. If your carpets have retained odors or have stains from pets that cannot be removed, having a professional cleaning scheduled is a good idea. Just remember to put into place protective measures once your carpets are cleaned in order to extend the life of your carpeting.

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29 October 2015