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Listing Your Home? Have It Powerwashed First


When you list your home for sale, you really want it to look its best. This is especially true of the exterior. If potential buyers pull up and like what they see outside, they are more likely to maintain that positive impression as they walk through the house. One way to improve the appearance of your home's exterior is to have it powerwashed before you put it on the market. Here are some tips to guide you as you do so.

Start with any concrete.

Ideally, you would have the entirety of your home and your hardscaping materials powerwashed. However, this can be expensive. If you are on a limited budget and cannot powerwash everything, then start with the concrete. Dirty concrete tends to be really obvious since concrete is naturally so light-colored. If you have the concrete powerwashed, it will look really clean, and that will be obvious. 

Make sure the powerwashers use a pre-soak.

If your powerwashers offer to use a pre-soak on your home, say "yes." These presoak solutions help loosen caked-on grime so that more of it comes off when they use the high-pressure powerwasher. The results will be that much better, which is what you want when you're selling your home and you want it to look its best.

Schedule the powerwashing a week or two before you list the home.

You don't want to have the home powerwashed too soon as it may get dirty again before you have a chance to list it. You also don't want to have it powerwashed too close to the listing date. There's some water runoff after powerwashing, and you want that to be soaked up and gone before people come look at the home. Scheduling powerwashing a week or two before you list the home tends to be a good option.

Get a receipt.

Make sure you get a printed receipt when you have the home powerwashed. This way, you can pass the receipt on to the new home buyer. They will be pleased to see that the home was recently powerwashed, and if they want to have it done again in a year or two, they will know what company to call.

If you are planning to put your home on the market, it's a good idea to have it powerwashed first. Reach out to a powerwashing company to schedule your service.

For more info about residential powerwashing, contact a local company. 


3 August 2023