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Understanding The Signs That You Need Central Vacuum Repair


Your central vacuum system depends on a motor to engage the system and keep things functioning as intended. Unfortunately, sometimes those motors suffer from wear and tear that causes a strain on the system or potentially a malfunction that leads to system failure. Recognizing the potential signs that your central vacuum system's motor is malfunctioning is the first step toward seeking the repair that you need.

Is your motor malfunctioning?

If you monitor the performance of your central vacuum system when it runs, you may find some of the more subtle indications of malfunctions before they lead to system failure. For example, you might notice that your vacuum system has less suction than it previously did. This can lead to insufficient cleaning. You may even hear strange noises or find that the system overheats. As complications progress, you might also find that the system functions intermittently and unreliably. The sooner you address the problem, the better.

How can you test the motor?

If you suspect that the motor of your central vacuum is failing, you may want to check it for any signs of physical damage, including wear and tear on the wiring. Make sure the electrical connections are in good condition and consider checking the system with a voltmeter to confirm proper current through the motor. If you're not comfortable assessing it yourself, consider reaching out to a central vacuum cleaning repair contractor for support. They can inspect and test the system for you.

What replacement should you consider?

In most cases, you should aim to repair the motor when possible. Many complications can easily be resolved with a repair technician, including replacing fuses and cleaning the motor. Sometimes, you may want to have your repair technician install a new motor instead. In those cases, talk with them about whether you should choose an aftermarket motor or one from the original system manufacturer. Your repair technician will help you with the new motor installation and will also help with other repairs if necessary to get your central vacuum system back into top working order.

The more you understand about your central vacuum system's motor, the easier it is to identify the indications of a problem. As soon as you suspect that your system is not working as it should, reach out to a repair technician to assess the problem and plan the repairs. The sooner you respond to the problem, the sooner you can restore its operation.

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18 July 2023