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Moved Into A Larger Building For Your Business? Hire A Janitorial Service


If your business is growing and you moved into a larger building, you may find it difficult to keep everything clean. Because cleanliness is important not only for your employees but for clients and customers, you should consider hiring a janitorial service to help you. Below is information on what a janitorial service is, as well as the services they can provide to you.

Janitorial Services

A janitorial service is used to clean commercial buildings. Common businesses that use janitorial services include administrative offices, banks, hotels, medical centers, and much more. The janitorial service will sit down with you and determine the type of services that you need, as it is different for each customer. This also depends on the type of business you have.

There are office cleaning companies that generally deep-clean office buildings and provide standard cleaning. A janitorial service, however, offers different types of cleaning to companies. 

Services Provide by A Janitorial Service

One thing the janitorial service will clean and keep clean is the bathroom or bathrooms in the building. This is important, as germs can easily build up in this room. If you have a customer that uses the bathroom, the last thing you want is for the bathroom to be dirty. The janitorial service will clean floors, walls, toilets, sinks, countertops, etc. They will also make sure soap dispensers stay full and that there is toilet paper in each stall. 

The janitorial service can dust your office for you, including employee areas, conference rooms, etc. Removing dust is important, especially for people that have allergies. If you do not dust, the dust particles fly in the air causing people to have problems. 

The janitorial surface will also clean the floors. This includes mopping hard flooring, as well as regularly vacuuming carpeted areas. Along with this, the janitorial service will empty trash cans at the end of each day. They will clean break rooms, including cleaning the surfaces, cleaning the microwaves, and much more. 

They can wash windows in your building as needed, including both interior and exterior windows. If you work with chemicals or oils, the janitorial service can be called to clean up spills you may have. If they notice anything that needs to be repaired while they are cleaning, they will notify you. 

Hiring a janitorial service will ensure that you are staying compliant with safety and health standards. For more information, contact a local company.


30 November 2022