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Will Your House Stink If You Need Water Damage Restoration?


The good and bad news when you have water damage in your home is this: your home is going to stink. Sometimes the smell is hardly noticeable unless you're actively looking for water damage. In other instances the odor is so overpowering it's hard to believe it's caused by water damage at all.

The thing about water damage restoration is that half the battle is discovering there is an issue in the first place. An attic can have water damage and you'll never know because you don't go in there. A basement can be damp all the time, making it hard to see if the need for water damage restoration even exists. Will your house stink if you need water damage restoration? Odds are it will; here are some of the odor identifiers to look out for.

A sour smell

A sour smell can be a sign that there is bacteria-laden water damage in your home. Your home may carry a sour stench in children's bedrooms, pet areas, or kitchen or dining room locations, especially in wood or carpeting, if there is water damage in the home. Your water damage restoration company can come to your home to determine what is making your home stink so you can not only remove the water damage but clean up the bacteria and sour stink that is bothering you.

A dirty or musty smell

A dirty or musty smell may be more common than a sour smell in homes that have mold damage caused by water. Water damage restoration companies can test mold to see how dangerous the spores are, but rest assured that most mold is not dangerous. Most mold will carry a musty or dirt-like smell in areas that are warm and damp, such as under sinks, in basements, or even in attics or in laundry or bathroom areas.

A wet dog smell

A wet dog smell may be noticeable in blankets or bedding that have been damaged by water. This smell can also be like stinky feet or like cheese and won't go away until the upholstery and other affected areas have been properly cleaned and restored. Your water damage restoration company will thoroughly check all areas of your home previously or currently affected by water damage and clean these areas effectively.

Your home may stink due to water damage, even if you have cleaned your home after a flood or leak before. Your water damage restoration company will give you a service quote as part of your consultation. 

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23 August 2022