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Why Janitorial Services Are Essential For Friendly Customer Service


Many companies focus on providing great customer service, but they often forget one key element: the building itself. Clean and tidy floors, walls, windows, and other surfaces are better for your health and are also more welcoming to potential customers and clients. If you're wondering how janitorial services can help you provide better customer service, read on to learn more about what these professionals can do to enhance your company's image.

1. Keep the Lobby Presentable and Welcoming 

Your lobby is your business's first impression, so you want to ensure it's clean and welcoming. If guests or customers see dust or grime around, they might think your employees don't care about their workplace—which doesn't bode well for how they might treat yours. Invest in janitorial services to give the right impression at first sight. 

2. Maintain a Sense of Hygiene by Disinfecting Common Areas

Customers are more aware of hygiene in public spaces and how germs can spread by touching common areas. You must give your clients the confidence that they are in a hygienic and healthy space. Janitorial services can help you achieve these goals by providing effective cleaning methods that disinfect common areas and help keep them clean. 

This includes using antibacterial cleaners to eliminate harmful bacteria from surfaces like countertops, tables, chairs, and handrails. They also sanitize floors to prevent dust mites from spreading throughout your facility. 

3. Removing all Trash and Clutter 

Nothing shouts friendly customer service like an immaculate office space or store. Janitorial services remove all trash and clutter, including cleaning up after spills. This is especially important if you offer food or drinks to customers. You don't want them to worry about finding a garbage can to dispose of their used napkins or cups. 

4. Clean and Resupply Toilets and Bathrooms 

Having a clean restroom is essential to having friendly customer service. Keeping your customers comfortable includes ensuring plenty of hand sanitizers nearby and bathrooms stocked with toilet paper and soap. It also means getting restrooms cleaned and stocked several times throughout the day.

5. Clean Windows and Mirrors to Make Spaces Airy and Lighter

Clean windows and mirrors let in more natural light, making a space feel larger and lighter. This is especially important if you have small premises. Clean windows also create a sense of transparency and build a sense of openness and trust. 

Clean, well-kept premises play a big role in presenting your brand as customer-friendly, so spaces should always be spotlessly clean. Call janitorial services to discuss a cleaning arrangement for your workplace.


19 July 2022