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Why You Need to Have Your Gutters Cleaned and How to Get the Job Done


Gutters are a part of the house that helps to guide rainwater and melted snow from your roof and away from your home. Gutters are usually placed around the entire exterior of the house to guide water away. Without gutters, you may have water pouring on you as you walk out of your home. You may also have a lot of water pooled around your foundation and could have water in your home as well from seepage over time. If you have gutters on your home, you need to have them cleaned to prevent these same types of issues if you have a clog in the gutters. Read on for other reasons to have your gutters cleaned and how to get this job done.

Why Have Your Gutters Cleaned?

If you clean your gutters, they can last much longer and look much nicer for longer. Cleaning gutters can also ensure clogs are cleaned out to prevent issues later down the road. Gutters should be cleaned both inside and out, and this should be done seasonally. It should be done in the spring months and again in the fall, as buds in the spring from trees can accumulate in the gutters and leaves in the fall can also accumulate. Gutters that are blocked can cause water to build and create a dam, which can lead to water leaks and other damage to your home if you aren't careful.

How To Get This Job Done?

You can clean your gutters yourself by getting up onto a ladder and removing the debris inside with a gloved hand. Use a garbage bag or a bucket to toss the contents of the gutters into it to make easier cleanup for you. Then use a garden hose to clean them more thoroughly, spraying into the downspouts to be sure they are clear as well. Use the garden hose and a scrub brush to clean the exterior of the gutters to make them look like new again.

Cleaning the gutters on your home can be a major job, especially if you have a lot of gutters or you have a tall roof. If this is too much work for you to do on your own, you should hire a professional gutter cleaning services to help you get your gutters clean. Cleaning your gutters will ensure they are longer lasting, are working as they should and to add curb appeal to your home.


14 January 2022