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Own A Restaurant? Hire A Restaurant Hood Cleaning Service


If you own a restaurant, you know how important it is to keep everything clean. There may be codes you have to follow. One thing that you may need help with is the hood. Because of this, you can hire a hood cleaning service to help you. Below is information on what they will do. 

Restaurant Hood Cleaning

The hood collects and removes steam, vapor, heat, odors, and moisture from appliances. This not only creates a comfortable work environment for your employees but makes your kitchen look cleaner.  

The hood cleaning service first does an inspection to look for noisy fans and problems with wiring. They will also inspect the roof for grease collection.  

Filters are then removed so the company can access the ducts, vents, and fans. The company tests the fans to ensure they are working properly.  If any grease was found on the roof, they will start out cleaning this. 

The cleaning company secures the hood to ensure water, chemicals, and grease do not get onto the floor or other equipment you have in your kitchen. They may use plastic sheeting or plastic bags to do this. The company uses a scraper to remove built-up cooking oils and grease. If there is build-up they cannot remove, a chemical is sprayed onto these areas and left on for a certain amount of time. This loosens the stuck-on debris which will allow them to scrape these things off much easier. 

A power washer is used to clean the filters, fans, ducts, and hood. This removes built-up grease that may be leftover. When they are finished the service will mop and wipe down all services to remove any cleaning agent residue. 

Once all this is finished, the company cleans the outside of the hood to ensure it is polished and shiny. They will also clean surfaces that may be dirty because of the hood cleaning process. 

The hood cleaning service will give you a report that shows what they cleaned, which you will need if you ever have a restaurant inspection. It is best to place the report on a wall somewhere near the hood. 

Because keeping the hood clean is so important talk with the hood cleaning service about setting up a schedule to have the hood cleaned regularly. This will ensure you are staying compliant with rules and regulations and that it is safe for your employees to work in your kitchen. 

For more information on restaurant hood cleaning, contact a company near you.


22 December 2021