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What Are The Pricing Factors For Carpet Cleaning?


Regular cleaning extends a carpet's life. Also, it boosts the aesthetic appeal of your indoor space. Even though you vacuum your carpet, it's crucial to deep clean it. The good news is you can hire professional carpet cleaning services. These experts will wash your rugs and leave them in prime condition. Here are factors that determine the overall price for carpet cleaning.

The Size of the Carpet

A larger carpet takes time, labor, and detergents to get clean. Therefore, you can expect the costs to go up. On the other hand, a small carpet is easy to wash and consumes less time and effort. It means you will pay a lower price compared to a large rug. 

Bear in mind that the professionals will clean the carpet in specific rooms. Thus, the square footage of that room determines the overall cost. The length and width of the room are crucial when calculating the price.

The Material of Your Rug

Some rugs can be challenging to clean due to their delicate materials. Typically, carpets can be made from the following fabrics:

  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Wool
  • Artificial fibers
  • Synthetic

Generally, woolen carpets cost more to wash. Also, if you have custom rugs, the price increases. On the flip side, nylon, artificial fibers, and polyester are cheaper in cost. Essentially, you can clean them with sheer simplicity, lowering the expenses. In addition, woolen rugs get dirty quickly. Thus, you might need to wash them often, increasing the price per year.


Carpets with stains, marks, or spots cost more to clean. The primary reason is that the experts will use more time and labor to eliminate the stains. Besides, they will apply chemicals on the rugs to remove the blemish. Here are the top spots that can ruin your carpet:

  • Cat vomit
  • Pet urine and feces
  • Wine spills
  • Tea and coffee spatter

These stubborn stains can make your rug look unsightly. Thankfully, carpet cleaning services can remedy the situation. If your rug has many stains, the price will go up compared to a typical dusty carpet.

The Location of the Rug

The location of the rug in the house determines the final price. For instance, if the experts have to take several stairs to find it, the costs will be high. Thus, ground-level homes enjoy a fair rate compared to those in high-rise apartments.

You will cater to charges for the effort and time the specialists use to get to your residence. The bright side is you can get a discount if you need carpet cleaning services for multiple rooms. Talk to local businesses, such as Astrobrite Carpet Cleaning, to find a professional to care for your carpets.


7 September 2021