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Tips to Keep Your Home Carpeting Clean With Regular Practices


Your home carpeting provides your home with warmth, softness, and sound absorption on your home's floors, but it can also collect a lot of stains, dirt, and odors. Here are some recommendations to help you keep your carpets looking their best with regular cleaning practices.

Treat Stains

Stain treatment in your home carpet cleaning regime can be a regular occurrence, especially when you have pets in your home or have children. The extra traffic of multiple people in your home can also increase the chance of your carpeting getting stained from a variety of solutions, from motor oil and mud to food, drink, or pet accidents. The manner in which you treat and clean up the spot and stain will make all the difference in how your carpet wares after the event and will help you restore your carpet to be free of stains. 

The key to cleaning up a stain is to act on the stain as soon as possible, preferably right away so you can clean it up before it has a chance to dry or to spread further into the carpeting. Always remove any solid pieces from the stain before you move on to treating the liquid part of the spot. You also don't want to smash the stain further into the carpeting as you clean it up, so always lightly blot the stain with a clean damp cloth or towel, working from the outside to the inside of the stain. 

There are a great variety of stain treatments you can use on your carpets depending on what the stain consists of, for example, if it is axle grease or pet urine. You can find enzymatic stain treatment cleaners at most local retailers and online, which are great for eliminating pet stains or other biological stains and also to remove the odors that come with the stain. If you are looking to have your carpets professionally cleaned, your carpet professional will have some excellent stain treatments they can apply to the carpets prior to cleaning them.

Clean on a Regular Basis

Another important rule to keep your carpets looking great is to arrange for a regular carpet cleaning. Whether you rent or buy your own carpet cleaner or arrange for professional service, you can keep a good schedule to maintain their cleanliness. If you have your own carpet cleaner, you can use it as you need it on various areas of your home's carpeting or slowly do each room of your home once or twice a year until you fully clean the entire interior. 

You can also hire a professional carpet cleaner to use their steam extraction cleaner. Because their cleaning system uses a high-power extraction system with a constant supply of water, they can complete a deeper clean than an at-home unit may be able to do.

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15 March 2021