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Understanding The Advantages Of Soft Washing For Your Home


As a homeowner, keeping your home's exterior and roof clean is important for protecting its structural integrity and overall condition. Many homeowners opt for pressure washing when they clean their home's exterior each year. However, if you are planning to clean your home's exterior this spring, you should consider the advantages of soft washing instead of using a pressure washer. 

Soft Washing Minimizes Pressure Damage

For those who have used a pressure washer in the past, flaking and other surface damage can sometimes seem to be unavoidable. The truth is that this kind of damage is typically unavoidable with a pressure washer because of the amount of pressure behind the water spray with these devices. However, that doesn't mean you have to accept it.

If you opt for soft washing instead, the water spray that is used comes out at much lower pressure. You won't have that same high-pressure contact damage on the surface of your home's exterior. Instead, you'll get the cleaning benefit of a mixture of foaming components and a bleach compound with a gentle water spray.

Soft Washing Is Environmentally Safe

The products used with soft washing are created to be biodegradable and safe for the environment. Unlike some cleaning chemicals you might use on your home's exterior otherwise, you can get the exterior of the house clean without any concern for affecting the surrounding environment.

The compounds in the water used for soft washing will both trap and flush away dirt from the outside of your home and eliminate any mold or moss growing on your walls while treating those surfaces to prevent it from coming back.

Soft Washing Is Versatile

One of the things that many homeowners find is that pressure washing isn't recommended for certain home exteriors. Wood shingle siding, stucco, and windows are all particularly vulnerable to damage from the high pressure behind a traditional pressure washer. However, that's what makes soft washing so ideal. You can opt for soft washing on virtually any home exterior, and you can even clean the windows of your home while you're at it. The compounds used in soft washing will have your windows clean and clear as well as your home's exterior siding and roofing.

These are a few of the benefits of soft washing for your home. Talk with a local soft washing contractor today to see if it's an ideal option for your needs.


8 January 2021