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Important Information To Give Your Janitorial Cleaning Service


If you are preparing to hire a janitorial service for your business for the first time, or if you have decided to switch janitorial services and are working with a new company, then you will need to provide some important information. These are some of the things that you shouldn't forget to mention when talking to someone from your janitorial cleaning service.

How Frequently You Want Them to Come

Different companies make different decisions in regards to how often they want their janitorial service to come out and provide cleaning services. This varies based on how much traffic there is within your business, how many cleaning tasks your staff members handle each day, and more. Some companies make use of janitorial cleaning services on a daily basis, while others simply have someone come out once a week, or even less frequently.

The Best Hours for Them to Come

If possible, you will probably want the janitorial service to send out their crew during a time when your business isn't overly busy. For example, some companies opt to have a janitorial service come out when the business is closed for the day, while others choose a slower time of the day. This makes it easier for the janitorial service to get their work done, and it causes less of a disruption for your customers and employees, too. You can talk to someone from the janitorial service about the best time of day for them to provide services at your place of business.

The Specific Tasks You Want Them to Do

Janitorial cleaning services typically help with cleaning hard surfaces, restocking bathrooms, and more. Just to make sure that you know what you are paying for to ensure that you are happy with the janitorial services that you receive; however, you may want to go over what is and is not included in the janitorial services. Many companies do allow add-on services if you want them, so this may be an option.

Special Cleaning Instructions, if Applicable

Overall, you should be able to count on your janitorial cleaning service to know how to take care of the floors and other surfaces in your commercial building. However, if you do have special flooring, countertops, or other surfaces that need to be taken care of in a certain way, it's not a bad idea to go ahead and provide those special instructions. Then, you can help ensure that nothing is damaged and that everything is properly taken care of when you use a janitorial service.

For more information about janitorial cleaning services, contact a local cleaning company.


9 November 2020