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Why It's Important to Have Your Gutters Cleaned


Cleaning your gutters may initially seem like one of those maintenance tasks that are overblown and not as important as contractors would have you think. After all, your gutters are a rather minor component of your home. What could happen if they develop a little clog? Well — a lot of bad things. Cleaning your gutters is not over-hyped. If anything, the importance of this relatively easy home maintenance task is understated. Here's why cleaning your gutters is so important.

1. It protects your home's foundation.

How can hollow strips of metal protect something as strong and rugged as your home's foundation? Well, your gutters are designed to ferry water away from the base of your home. If the gutters stop working, water will run down the side of your house and settle right near the foundation. Over time, this can cause the concrete of the foundation to weaken and develop some cracks, which will eventually lead to leaks. Keeping your gutters clean ensures they keep flowing well so your foundation stays dry and protective.

2. It protects your siding.

Your siding gets damaged, too, if your gutters become clogged and don't drain well. Water running down the side of your house can stain the siding after just a few days or weeks. If you have wooden siding, this constant exposure to moisture can cause termites and carpenter ants to be more interested in eating the materials. If you have aluminum siding, the moisture can lead to corrosion. (Aluminum does not rust, but it does corrode.) It's best to keep the gutters clear so that your siding does not have to face any more water than necessary.

3. It protects your landscaping.

Imagine if you turned the hose on full blast and aimed it at your garden bed. Mulch would splash everywhere, and soil would do the same, right? Eventually, your flower bed would be eroded and puddles would form within it. This is exactly what happens if your gutters get clogged. Water starts spilling over the edge, and after falling 10–20 feet into your garden bed, it's moving fast enough to cause some serious damage. Cleaning your gutters keeps your garden beds in good shape.

Having your gutters cleaned is essential if you want to keep your foundation, siding, and garden beds in good shape. Arrange to have a gutter cleaning service come complete this task twice a year, and you should be set.


15 June 2020