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Why an Inspection Service Is Your Best Line of Defense Against Mold


Mold is something that can grow in places that you don't see often. Or, it can also grow in plain sight. It can be spotted and dealt with before it is a big issue, or it can grow in such a large area that it is a serious health hazard. Along with keeping an eye out for mold, you can hire a mold inspection service for your company and let them know you want them to look for and get rid of mold. Here are some of the reasons why an inspection service may be very helpful when it comes to finding mold.

Inspectors go around all areas

When you come into work, you will likely have specific areas that get the majority of your attention throughout the day. You may work behind the desk most of the day with some trips to the coffee maker and bathroom. Maybe you peruse the office space a couple of times to talk to employees.

However, you may not really take a look at all areas of the workspace. However, when the inspectors come in, they will analyze the whole office and this has them in close contact with the areas where mold may otherwise not be noticed and is normally not a concern. For example, they may find mold on a wall where you wouldn't think it would be. The mold would continue to grow for a long time until it became a serious problem unless someone identified it and cleaned it up.

Inspectors will go into at-risk areas

A lot of the areas that inspectors will tend to are also the ones that are at the most risk of mold because they are around water sources or they are near damp and warm areas. A few examples of the places where they could find mold include the walls behind toilets and under sinks in the bathrooms, around the sink in the kitchen area, or even under any flooring near any plumbing or air conditioning unit.

Inspectors know what to look for

Another reason inspectors can be so helpful when it comes to finding mold is that they know what to look for. The beginning stages of mold can be discrete and different types of mold will look different. Since the inspectors are familiar with these things, they can let you know about issues while they are still in the beginning stages.

If you suspect your building has mold, contact local mold inspection services such as KC Mold Guys.


25 November 2019