Learning to Clean Like The Pro's

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Want To Minimize Costs? 4 Ways To Optimize Office Cleaning Service


In an office where you work by yourself, you may find it easy to clean on your own. However, you may work in an office where you also manage several other employees. Asking your employees to keep up with cleaning would reduce how productive they are in other ways, so it makes the most sense to rely on an office cleaning company to handle most or all the cleaning inside the office.

When you are looking to get professional cleaning while keeping costs to a minimum, you should learn about all the ways that you can optimize this routine expense.

1. Frequency

The most effective way to reduce your costs to get this service is to reduce the frequency. Instead of getting office cleaning three to four times per week, you should find out how you can reduce it to only two to three times per week while also keeping the office just as clean. A simple tip may be to put a few extra garbage and recycle bins around the office to encourage regular usage.

2. Schedule

While you will come across office cleaning companies that charge the same amount for cleaning on any day or time, you should consider picking the least demanding hours to save money. You will likely be able to save money on the base cost from prioritizing these days and hours. In most cases, you will have greater power with negotiations to help you reduce costs even further.

3. Areas

When you plan out office cleaning with professionals, you may normally schedule everything in the office to get cleaned. But, you do not always need to clean certain areas that you know are used less frequently. A conference room is the perfect example because it may only get used once or twice per week, which means you may only need it to be cleaned once every week.

4. Products

Certain offices may be determined to use green cleaning within their office, which is something that can lead to an increase in cleaning costs. An excellent way to keep costs down is to ask an office cleaning company which products are the least expensive to have used in your office.

Also, if you plan on having cleaners refill supplies in your office, such as soap and toilet paper, you can request that they use the more affordable option.

Using these methods should make it easy to save a decent amount on routine office cleaning. To learn more, contact your local commercial cleaning provider


14 October 2019