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Fire Damage And Water Removal After A Small Fire: Why This Process Is Crucial


If you had a small house fire in the home, it's important to know how many things and areas of the home may be affected. Even if the fire was small and the smoke didn't take a lot of time to clear out, there are toxins and damages that still remain that could put your family and the house at risk.

A fire restoration company should be called to do a thorough assessment of the area where the fire was, and also the rest of the home. Schedule a consultant or service professional to come to your home right away and ask about these things.

Smoke Absorbed and Spread Throughout the House

Smoke inhalation isn't just dangerous at the time of the fire, and the remnants that are left behind are also very dangerous. You want to have the smoke cleaned and removed from the area where the fire occurred, and also from other areas. The professionals will assess and clean areas like:

  • Ducts and ventilation system
  • Carpeting, furniture and other upholstery
  • Drywall and insulation

You don't want to be inside the home and breathing the air until you know the smoke has been removed an properly cleaned. This ensures that not just smoke odors are gone, but the toxins as well.

Water or Chemical Damages

Depending on what was used to put out the fire, either water or possibly a fire extinguisher or other products, you need this cleaned as well. Water lingering around the house can quickly become a mold and mildew concern. It can also make materials around the house soggy or weak.

Another problem is if chemicals were used to treat the fire, you want to have them extracted from the property so they are no longer around and on surfaces or in fabrics or materials. The fire restoration company treats for all of these things.

A small fire that you put out on your own, or that was contained to one area still needs to be treated by fire and water damage restoration professionals. These experts can help to remove the damaged items and debris, to clean everything out so that it is safe to be in your home, and help to make sure that the house is safe to enter. The sooner you have them there working on the materials and areas that were affected, the less time the smoke or chemical toxins have to embed into the materials and fabrics.


21 January 2019