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How To Get Rid Of Cigarette Odors In Your New Home


Purchasing a new home is exciting, but sometimes there are unwelcome surprises when you move in. If the previous owners smoked in your new home, then you may be discovering lingering smoke odors that are anything but pleasant. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help eradicate the smoke odors so that you can start making your new house feel like a home.

Replace soft furnishings

If your home came equipped with some soft furnishings, such as fabric blinds and drapes, these could be the source of much of the retained smoke odor. Sometimes you can save items like drapes by having them professionally dry cleaned, but items like fabric covered blinds and roman shades are often easier to replace than to attempt to clean thoroughly. Wait until you have completed the other deodorizing steps below before rehanging clean or new drapes and blinds. Otherwise, they may re-absorb the odor from other sources.

Deodorize hard surfaces

Hard surfaces like cabinets, walls, and baseboards are not immune to absorbing cigarette odors. Scrub down every surface in the home with a dilute bleach solution to remove any of the oily residue left behind. Hard flooring, windows and sills, and blinds should also be thoroughly cleaned. You can then follow up by wiping everything down with a deodorizing spray.

Repaint and refinish

Sometimes the drywall absorbs so much smoke odor that cleaning isn't enough. In this case, repainting can help you seal in the odor so that you never need to smell it again. First, use a primer that is designed to seal in and block odors. Follow this up with two to three coats of a quality paint. If you have wood floors or baseboards that have absorbed the odor, then buffing out the old finish and reapplying fresh stain and sealer can help seal in any absorbed smoke odor without the need to rip out the beautiful woodwork.

Deep clean the carpets

Carpeting can be the biggest culprit for holding onto cigarette odor. Fortunately, you may be able to save the carpet and avoid the expense of replacement by scheduling a professional carpet cleaning. Make sure the service is aware that you need to eradicate smoke odors. They will use professional cleaning chemicals that will cut through the oily residue that is left behind by cigarette smoke, then they will do a deodorizing treatment to neutralize any remaining smoke smells.

With patience and the right tactics, you will be breathing fresh air in no time.


8 October 2018