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Are You Making These Common Vacuuming Mistakes?


Vacuuming regularly and thoroughly is the best way to keep your carpet clean between professional steam cleaning sessions. Unfortunately, a lot of people make mistakes when vacuuming, and as a result, their carpets are not kept as clean as possible. Avoid these mistakes so your carpet stays clean and pristine.

Not changing the bag soon enough.

The more full your bag gets, the less suction your vacuum generates and the less effective it becomes at removing dirt from your carpet. Thus, if you wait until the bag is really full to change it, you won't be vacuuming very effectively. Check the bag after every session, and when it reaches ¾ capacity, switch it out for a new one. Don't rely on the indicator light to tell you that your bag is full – these are sometimes wrongly calibrated and may not go on until your bag is too full.

Not using the attachments.

Those attachments that came with your vacuum are there for a reason – to allow you to vacuum more effectively! The wand attachment is designed for cleaning along your baseboards. This will ensure you don't get excessive dust buildup along the edges of your carpet. The small brush attachment is for vacuuming stairs and other narrow areas. Start using these attachments so that all areas of your carpet – not just the middle – stay clean.

Letting the rotating brushes get clogged or stuck.

Every time you vacuum, you should turn the vacuum over and make sure there is nothing stuck in the brushes. Often, hair and other debris will get stuck down there and either slow down the spinning brushes or stop them entirely. If the brushes are not spinning freely, you won't be sucking up as much debris. Pull the hair and other debris out; you may have to use scissors to cut some of it away if you've neglected this task for some time.

Never changing the filter.

Many people ignore the air filters in their vacuum cleaners. However, when the filter gets clogged, the suction of your vacuum is reduced, and the air that's emitted is also less clean. Look at your owner's manual to determine where your vacuum's filter is, and change it every few months or according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Vacuuming can be an effective way of keeping your carpet clean, but only if you do it properly. Avoid the mistakes above, and you'll be well on your way. Contact a local carpet cleaner, like Beatty's Carpet Cleaners, for a more thorough deep cleaning.


19 October 2015