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Slowing The Spread Of Flu In Your Workplace


Flu season is quickly approaching, and it will have a serious impact on many businesses across the country. When your employees fall ill, it will slow the production of your business, but you can slow the spread. Below, you will find a few tips that will help stop the spread of germs in the office place and keep your business as productive as possible during a difficult time of the year.

Professional Cleaning

If you haven't done so already, you need to hire a professional cleaning service. These professionals know what it takes to keep an office setting as clean as possible. They are experienced working with the cleaning agents that are effective in killing bacteria and germs that cause your employees to miss work.

A nightly cleaning crew will make it possible to disinfect the entire office place each day. This will give your employees and clients a clean, germ-free place each morning. Visit Metro Building Services for more information.

In-House Preventative Measures

When you go to a hospital, you see hand sanitizer dispensers hanging on the walls everywhere you look. Now, you probably don't need to go that far, but having a few of these dispensers around the common areas and encouraging your employees to keep a bottle at each of their desks and use it will help reduce the spread of germs tremendously. Consider installing these dispensers outside of the bathrooms, near the break room, in the general meeting room and at the entrances, as well as any other shared space.

Clean the Air

Air purifiers can go a long way in reducing workplace illnesses. These small units pull the dirty air through them, remove the germs, bacteria and contaminants and release clean air into the workplace. This will help to decontaminate the office air and slow the spread of germs.

Encourage Sick Days

Instead of penalizing your employees for calling in sick, encourage them to take the time off of work when they are ill. In most public schools, parents are told to keep their kids home if they have had a fever in the previous 24 hours. So, once your employee is fever free for 24 hours, he or she can return to work with little concern of spreading the illness on to their coworkers.

  • Note: If you want to protect your company from employees playing hooky, require the employee to produce a doctor's note stating the illness and releasing him or her back to work.

Don't allow your workplace to be a cesspool spreading viruses to everyone who enters. Use the tips above to slow the spread of the cold and flu germs that could cost you a small fortune in lost production this year.


9 October 2015