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About Weak Water Flow From Pressure Washing Equipment


Did you climb on top of the roof to remove algae with a pressure washer, but the water wasn't powerful enough? You can either invest in parts to improve the force of water coming out of the pressure washing equipment, or you can hire a professional to perform the task. Find out below about pressure washing equipment and what a professional charges if you need to hire one.

What Can Cause Pressuring Washing Equipment to Malfunction?

The weak water pressure that you are experiencing may be the result of there being a problem with the hose. For instance, the water may be leaking out due to the O-ring being damaged. The O-ring is an important part of the hose because it creates an airtight seal in the part of the hose where the spray tip is located. An O-ring can deteriorate from normal wear and tear after you have had pressure washing equipment for a long time.

It is also possible that the pressure washer hose is damaged. You can turn the equipment on and examine the hose to see if there is any water leaking out. An object could have punctured the hose without your knowledge, such as a nail when you were moving the hose around the roof to remove algae. Replacing the hose should be sufficient enough to fix the problem if there is a leak. Simply patching the hole up is not ideal because water may still leak out.

The main thing that can cause weak water flow from a pressure washer is a problematic pump. The pump is the part of the equipment where the pressure is created. It is possible that the motor has stopped functioning. The motor may be covered in dirt and need to be cleaned by a professional, or you may need new equipment. You can hire a professional to remove the algae for you if you are not ready to invest in new equipment.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Professional Pressure Washer?

The fee charged for a professional pressure washer to clean your roof can be as low as eight cents per square foot. He or she may charge eighty cent per square foot on the highest end of the scale, but usually for handling a complex job. Get in touch with a pressure washing service, like Environmental Cleaning Systems, to see if they have the part needed for your equipment, or to hire them to clean your roof!


28 September 2015