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Three Questions To Ask When Hiring A Professional Cleaning Company For Your Workplace


Hiring a professional cleaning service, such as Paramount Janitorial Services, for your business is about more than just keeping the office tidy. Spotless bathrooms, a tidy kitchen and trash cans that are emptied on a regular basis can make employees feel valued and boost their workplace morale. When you're going through the process of looking for a professional cleaning service to hire, it's common to speak to several companies and ask a handful of questions. While you might be mainly focused on the cost of the service, whether the company is insured and the frequency with which the cleaning service visits your place of work, it's important to ask several other questions before you sign any paperwork. Here are three valuable questions to include in your discussion.

Can You Provide A Checklist Of Each Task That You Fulfill?

Any business owner wants to know that the cleaning company he or she hires is being systematic in its approach to cleaning the workplace. To this end, it's ideal to develop a checklist with the cleaning company representative and insist on having the checklist left for you after each visit -- for example, if the cleaning company visits over the weekend, you should expect to see the checklist in your mailbox on Monday morning. A typical checklist should include a breakdown of each task. For the bathroom part of the list, the tasks could include scrubbing the toilet, scrubbing the sink, mopping the floor, emptying the garbage can and refilling the toilet paper rack. Hiring a company that uses this system ensures that you're on the same page.

Who Will Do The Actual Cleaning?

When you meet with a representative of the cleaning company, it's useful to ask about who will do the work. In larger companies, you won't likely be speaking to the person who will visit your office, so ask the representative to provide some information about the person who will handle your space. You want to hear the person talk positively about the experience and professionalism of the person who will be clean your workplace. Asking this question also ensures that you're aware if company you're considering subcontracts its work to smaller companies.

If My Expectations Change, What Should I Do?

It's ideal to hire a cleaning service that offers flexibility. If your expectations change -- perhaps money is tight for a few months and you want to scale back the frequency of the cleaning company's visits -- you want to know how to proceed. Find out if you'll be locked in to a specific service for a specific rate or if it's easy to make changes to your business agreement on the fly. Partnering with a company that offers this degree of flexibility can often be enticing.


17 September 2015