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How To Keep Schools Cleaner Between Your Cleaning Sessions


If you clean schools — either as an employee of the school system or contractor for an independent company — then you know how messy these places can get between scheduled cleanings. You leave the place spotless, and a few days later, the students have made it a mess again. You may assume there is no way around this, but in fact, there are a few things you can do to help keep schools cleaner between your cleaning sessions.

Put larger wastebaskets and recycling bins around.

Often, the small wastepaper baskets and recycling bins in classrooms fill up within a day, and if you're not there to empty them immediately, kids start tossing their papers and other trash all over the place. Teachers technically should be able to empty the bins and put new bags in them, but teachers have a lot to do and can't always be expected to get to this. If you upgrade the size of the garbage bins and recycling bins, then you'll come back to less of a mess.

Make sure the ducts are cleaned.

Most schools have older heating systems with ducts that have not been cleaned as often as they should be. If the ducts are dirty, they'll scatter dirt around the school each time the heat or air conditioning turns on. You'll dust everything and then come back to dust-covered desks and shelves the very next day. Arrange to have the ducts cleaned; you'll generally have to hire an HVAC service to do this. With the ducts free from dust, the school won't get so dusty between cleaning sessions.

Put large mats near every doorway.

Kid and teachers wear their shoes into school and around the school all day. When they do, they track dirt inside, which can cause the halls to get very dirty, especially in the winter and when it has been raining outside. If you place large, absorbent mats near every doorway, the halls and classroom floors will stay a lot cleaner between sessions. Most school administrations will be happy to add these mats since they also keep the space safer since they absorb water and help eliminate slipping hazards.

Schools are going to get dirty, but there's no need for them to become absolute pig sties between cleaning sessions. If you put some large trash bins in the rooms, add mats to the doorways, and have the ducts cleaned, the space should stay cleaner overall.

Contact a school cleaning service to learn more.


19 October 2020