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Musty Smell? Ten Tips For Getting Rid Of Mildew Odors


Mildew is not something you or your family should live with and breathe in regularly. Mildew is a type of living fungus and the smell is musty and very off-putting. It can be difficult to pinpoint the source of the smell, but there are some ways to neutralize the odor and make the home smell a bit better.  

Ten tips for getting rid of musty mildew smells are:

1. Try bleach 

When it comes to stubborn mildew smells, bleach works. Make sure to dilute bleach with water before applying it to any fabric or using it to clean surfaces. Fill a shallow dish with undiluted bleach and leave on the counter, out of reach, to quickly remove odors.

2. Spray vodka 

Fill a spray bottle with one part vodka and one part warm water for removing smells from surfaces around the home. Vodka doesn't stain so it is safe to use on fabrics, like upholstery or drapes.

3. Sprinkle soda

Try a sprinkle of baking soda on rugs, floors, upholstery- anywhere that you think could be the source of the odor. Plus, baking soda naturally absorbs moisture so it helps neutralize the smell while also eliminating the cause.

4. Use essential oil

You can mask the smell of mildew with essential oils, particularly tea tree oil. Use a few drops in a diffuser or warmer to throw the scent wherever you smell must.

5. Scrub with vinegar 

For mildew stains, scrub the surface with white vinegar and water; for musty smelling clothing, bedding, or fabrics, add a cup of white vinegar to the wash cycle.

6. Tuck sachets 

Tuck scented sachets around your rooms, in drawers, or on counters. Buy prefilled bags that contain botanicals, herbs, or potpourri to combat odors in the home.

7. Wash with ammonia

Towels can be susceptible to mildew and musty odors, especially in humid environments. Use a little ammonia to the laundry cycle to get rid of foul smells.

8. Nest fabric sheets

Put fresh fabric sheets wherever you smell mildew, such as inside shoes, under rugs, or in closets.

9. Shake Borax 

Shake some dry Borax powder around basement floors, garages, rugs- wherever it smells musty. Be wary of using Borax around pets, though, as it can be toxic. Borax is also great for keeping ants away!

10. Hire the pros 

Hire a professional mold and mildew remediation or abatement company in the area. They will identify the cause and eliminate the odor for good.

Got a musty smell around the home? Use these tips to neutralize mildew and get rid of musty odors and call on a company that offers home mold removal in your area for more assistance or services.


31 August 2020